The GIANT leap…

I cannot believe that I have finally done it!! After years of procrastination, I have finally managed to start my “long awaited” blog!

The inspiration came in 2009 when I was attending MDP, and one of the guest speakers spoke very passionately around the then “new” concept of blogging. I was so fascinated that I couldn’t wait to start. However, the subsequent exercise which we conducted, which comprised of a whole host of do’s and don’ts and rules around blogging, ensured that I would not go near the topic for some years to follow.

Only in 2012 did the idea cross my mind again, whilst travelling through the busy streets of Manhattan in New York City. I was amazed by the number of people, of whom I had no clue of their comings or goings, who just looked absolutely stunning. I wanted to take a picture of them at every single turn.. Literally!! And that got me thinking… I need to start a blog!

But guess what?.. Nothing happened!!

I did however start talking about the idea a lot more often (to my poor friends’ torture), and today, having attended a launch event for a portal dedicated to new and aspiring entrepreneurs in SA called, the urge finally took over me and literally pushed me to DO something!

… And I am so glad I did.

Fashion has been my 1st love since I was in Std 1 (Grade 3). I used to dress up different coloured crayons with loo paper and pretend that the crayons were my models dressed in my latest designs walking down the “runway”. Fast forward to 2013 and I now find myself, almost everyday, complementing different women on their amazing style and dress sense, and forever obsessing about who’s wearing what.

This is in a nutshell what has led to the birthing of this new baby called “The Walk In Closet”! It is a blog (for now), which looks at women from all walks of life who’s outfits or “looks” have capture my eye, because of one reason or another but the core reason being their sheer sense of style and beauty.

I am a lover of all things beautiful and I look forward to sharing with you, what is according to me, the true definition of Style!


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