The walk-in closet

What should every girl have in her closet?

1. A little black dress – obviously! Preferably with some lace or sequins.

2. A killer suit – for the office.. or play

3. A classic winter coat

4. Ganster jeans that say – “I jaast don’t curr”!

5. A designer handbag that you’re too scared to mention the price of.

6. Lots of shoes. Lots!

7. Accessories that define your personality – Jewellery, scarves, sunglasses, hats etc.

8. Amazing lingerie – hopefully one set that matches (but it’s not a minimum requirement. You’re allowed to be creative)

9. Running/Training sneakers – we all need to try and lead healthier lifestyles

10. An outfit that you’ve reserved for the day when you reach your goal weight.. LOL;-)

I believe that clothes should be timeless. You should buy things that you’ll be able to wear beyond the “fashion seasons”. It’s also important to mix expensive pieces with some “ready to wear” easy pieces at times, in order to achieve that “effortless” look. There is no pre-defined sense of style that any one of us should feel compelled to adhere to. It’s all about how the clothes make you feel and how comfortably (operative word), they sit on your body. Quality is critical, no matter the price.

I love just about every item of clothing, shoes and accessories in my closet. And whenever I fall “out of love” with an item, I give it away to someone who’ll appreciate it or to a charitable organisation. It’s advisable that one conducts a “closet review” at least twice a year. One just before summer and the other just before winter.

Today, I’d like to share with you some of my favourite looks. It’s a mix of personal images and some images that I’ve sourced from Pinterest (my other favourite social media platform, after instagram). These images represent what, to me, is beauty, class, style and elegance. All according to the eyes of “moi” (french, pronounced as Mwa).



“Don’t Curr” Jeans… #Valentino heels, #celine top.. Too cool for school Source: Pinterest


A little black dress #Lace #BCBGMaxazria #Luminance Source: Own image


Every girl should have her own unique style #interestingcombination .. and it works.. #Dior handbag #Louboutin heels Source: Pinterest


A channel handbag.. Louboutin Heels.. That top and those jeans could be from anywhere .. It wouldn’t even matter .. #mixitup #Effortlessstyle Source: Pinterest


A girl can’t have too many shoes #Manoloblahnik #Valentino Source: Pinterest


My latest obsession. Pointed Flats. This makes for the perfect friday look. #fortheloveofshoes Source: Pinterest


Favourite Sunglasses #JimmyChoo Leopardprint with Gold detail Source: Own image


Power Dressing at the office Source: Pinterest


Every girl should try and rock a Tux once in their lifetime.. Source: Pinterest


Inspired by Angelina’s tux .. #IKKS #ThomasPink … With my girl, Sunshine.. No one does print better.. #Unique #Africanqueen Source: Own image


Tux Jumpsuit.. Stunning hey?! Source: Pinterest


My jumpsuit tux.. #whitetuxjacket #ManuelPiperno jumpsuit #Prada handbag Source: Own image


Ted Baker scarf.. A gift from a very dear friend.. I have an obsession for scarves Source: Own image

For access to more of my favourite looks, follow me on pinterest @VikaShipalana and Instagram @Vikas01cof.

Feel free to also share your pics with me and comment on what you find beautiful in your world of fashion and style!


3 thoughts on “The walk-in closet

  1. Pandora Mabai says:

    Good Morning

    I am blown away Vika and you just took me back to the importance of our image as a woman.I love everything about your blog it truly motivates and inspires me as a woman.
    Thank you for sharing with us and I am truly super excited about having my closet review soon.

    With Love
    Miss Pandora Mabai


  2. Guistee says:

    This is lovely Vika. I truly enjoyed reading it and will be keeping these thoughts in mind as I work on my closet. Classic!!!


  3. Vee says:

    Wow! I’m super I love with the tux suit and jumpsuit! Just given me the energy to get up and do my morning jumps! #goalweightthings! #keepposting!


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