Life is beautiful..

Funny how life can derail you sometimes… We somehow think that all advice is good advice and end up deviating from our original plans in order to suit the world’s view or perceptions around what we should and shouldn’t do. Who we should or shouldn’t become… (anyway.. that was just a side thought..)

I’d like to think that I’m quite simple (although some people would beg to differ.. LOL). I love Fashion, pure and simple. Not fashion according to the so called “ready to wear”, “in one season and out the next” type of clothes but rather, timeless garments. Clothes that one can wear beyond one season. Clothes that can be passed down from generation to generation. From one closet to the next.

At church they have a charity initiative called the “Love Wardrobe”, where women can bring their “previously loved clothes” to church to be donated to someone in need. I just love how they’ve framed it: “previously loved clothes”. To me it says, don’t just bring anything. Bring something that you cherish. Something that you believe and know that the next person would be truly blessed by. I think it’s just so amazing and so thoughtful.

So what’s in store, for the upcoming month?

In the upcoming month, I’d like to use this platform to share with you what I believe is beautiful, classy, stylish and elegant, according to the eyes of Vika. I’m all about #Femininity, #Elegance and #Effortlessstyle (You must never look like you tried too hard!). As women we need to be happy and confident to be the beautiful, powerful women that God created us to be. Women who are free to express themselves in whichever way that makes us feel bold, confident, beautiful inside and out, and proud to be UNIQUE.

Stay tuned….


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