Don’t let anything/anyone steal your joy

On the 14th of January, my husband and I went out to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday dinner. It was an incredible evening of fun and laughter with some of our closest friends.

It was just after dessert, I think, when the car guard came rushing into the restaurant to tell us (my husband and I), that someone had just reversed into our car, crashing into it (badly) and then sped off.

I could not believe it. “Who?” “Who’s car?” “Do (did) they know who I am (was)??”.. LOL

All these thoughts went through my mind as I watched the surveillance footage that my husband and his friend, had managed to get from the stubborn security guard at the Hobart Grove shopping centre, which clearly showed a drunken woman stumbling into her car, sitting for a couple of minutes and then proceeding to reverse (very fast, I might add), into my car and then speeding off, almost running over the car guard who tried to stop her.

It was like a bad movie!

What followed was a series of phone calls and meetings with my insurance company, getting an investigator, visits to the police station, meetings between my lawyer and the culprit.. you name it. It was all so very tiring.

My car went into the panel beaters on the 4th of Feb and came out last night. I haven’t driven it in a month. My dear husband drove the rental car for an entire month while I roamed around in his car. How amazing?! .. I felt so terrible initially, but I then realised that this is what he wanted to do for me. He knew that it would make me feel so much better about my situation.

As if that wasn’t enough.. last week Thursday, I had 2 of my laptops (my work laptop and personal laptop which I use to blog) stolen from right under my nose, whilst I was attending the Design Indaba conference in Cape Town.

A couple of friends and I, were busy having a chat after a full day of inspiration (I’ll share more about that it my next blog).. when all of a sudden I realised that my black “design indaba 2014” bag had gone missing.

So anyway.. I started questioning God (of course), about why all these terrible things were happening to me. “Why me Lord?”.. And would spend mornings (during my quiet time) just crying and asking God why my entire world is falling apart before my very eyes. Silly.. I know.. If you consider that it’s just a car, some laptops etc.. All material things that are easily replaceable. .. Some people have real problems… But obviously, it’s very hard to gain that level of perspective when you’re full of emotion and it takes you stepping back and reflecting, to truly appreciate and see the bigger picture.

In my next blog post titled “Grateful” you will see just how all of this was just a distraction…But!.. back to the conversation at hand..

I did some introspection, immersed myself in the word and spent countless hours just speaking to God about everything that has been going on in my life.

It became apparently clear to me..what was really going on!!

It was Spiritual Warfare.. mixed with a bit of a “journey into the wilderness” as my husband would say.

So here’s what was going on..

My car was a gift from God. A gift that I slowly but surely had started to put too much value into. More than it deserved. Having it scarred and broken helped me to see it as a car and not some perfect “idol”.

My laptop was a gift as well in order for me to truly walk in my purpose. I’m sad about it but have found other ways to still share and will not let that be a stumbling block.

So.. what has been the lesson in all this?

Well it’s simple.. (for me anyway)… We know the truth! We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers and rulers of darkness and against spiritual wickedness in heavenly places (Ephesians 6:12). This is spiritual warfare!! But the good news.. is that we’ve already won!! We do not need to toil and stress and worry. We must rest in the Lord. We need to trust in the plans that he has for our lives. Plans to prosper us and not to harm us, plans to bring us hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)

So ya..  I’ve learnt to be grateful for the things I have and stop thinking about the things I’ve lost. And most importantly, with every blow.. I become stronger, wiser and have learnt how to truly and wholeheartedly surrender my all to The Father.

Be Blessed! Rule and Reign in every area of your life.. and don’t ever let anything or anyone trick you into thinking that they are in control or capable of stealing your joy!

Much love..


4 thoughts on “Don’t let anything/anyone steal your joy

  1. Mary says:

    Wow thank u Vika, a,lot of things hapened this week that left me a bit discouraged, but the Holy Spirit never allowed me to lose my joy. Business car breakdowns, den my phone and transport money being pick pocketed yesterday in town. In all things, we give God the glory


  2. babalwa maqutyana says:

    Than u Vik,let me start with my resignation letter….ive placed myself under stress which doesnt even pay me half of what i deserve.


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